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D.C.'s Premier Medical/Dental Tenant Representation

Medical/Dental (med-dent) office spaces are unique and complex. To find the right med-dent office space, you need representation from a team that understands the complexities and requirements. The Genau Group is the only commercial real estate company in Washington DC with a specialized medical/dental tenant representation team. Our medical representation team is led by a dentist who owns multiple locations, so we understand what it takes to secure a space to build-out your medical/dental office.

Specialized Medical Arts Real Estate Services

Our specialized retail and medical arts real estate services include but are not limited to:

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Medical/Dental Representation Approach

Being represented by a knowledgeable and well-trained agent is essential in all real estate transactions since a right or wrong lease can drastically affect your business. Our specialized team helps you identify and secure the best “quasi-retail” location for a new med-dent practice using a simple step-by-step process.

1. Identify and understand your business's needs

Our first step is to listen to gain a full understanding of your business, balance sheet, short and long term plans. We look at this from both a management and a financial standpoint.

2. Present our strategy

With a full understanding of your business, we strategize with you to find a solution that works for both your short-term and long-term needs. 

3. Research properties

After researching properties in the commercial real estate market that fit your needs, we share a list of recommended options. 

4. Schedule tours

Schedule site tours of the properties that make your short-list.

5. Negotiate economic terms

Our medical representation team then negotiates lease terms that enable the client to design and build out the right space. This may include special items like core drilling, plumbing for water, air, and electric, etc.

6. Compare costs

Having backgrounds in accounting and finance, besides real estate, allow us to prepare an analysis for you that compares the costs and terms of different potential leases.

7. Prepare thoroughly written proposals

Once you decide on a space, our skilled team will prepare your offer and handle and guide you through any counter offers to get you the best deal. With real estate experience and knowledge of medical arts, you can ensure our team will negotiate favorable terms for you.

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Key Benefits of Using The Genau Group for Medical Representation

Because med-dent build-outs require specialization,
our team has partnered with:

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Dr. Uppasna Chand

Partner, Medical Dental Tenant Representation - Founder McLean Family Dentistry and Smile Reston Heights

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Ryan R. Rushe

Director, Financial Planning and Business Development,
Prudential Advisors, Mid-Atlantic Financial Group

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