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The Situation

Dr. Patricia Wood came to Arminco, Inc. with the vision of building a startup Pediatric Dentistry practice.  The space that was finalized turned out to be a 2303 square foot space located in a four story commercial building.

The Challenge

A detailed building study was completed by an Arminco consultant, going over the space for the future pediatric practice.  This report included but not limited to a study on the existing electrical, HVAC, plumbing and concrete conditions.  The space was found to be a warm vanilla shell, essentially a space with functioning HVAC and the demising walls in place. 

A preliminary floor plan was completed for the client.  The purpose of the floor plan is to show the potential of the space in consideration.  Coupled with the building study, it allows Arminco’s construction team to provide an accurate construction quote.  One of the challenges Arminco faced was that the space did not have its own electrical panel. 

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The Solution

The original contract included “provide new electrical panel per the floor plan’s needs.  Bring power over from main electrical room located on the same floor.  Provide new breakers as needed for new circuits”.  This is an example of a case that often becomes a “change order” because the contractor did not do their due diligence. This was not the case here. 

A design-build proposal was created and presented to Dr. Wood.  As a result of the building study and preliminary floor plan, the construction quote included details and assessments to ensure change orders were kept to a minimum.  The next step was for Arminco’s Architecture and Design team to take over and work on the floor plan.  The preliminary floor plan was a place holder. 

The Design team met with the client to review vision of the space and get a strong feel for the doctor’s floor plan wish list.  This led to a floor plan that made sense for the client’s needs meeting patient flow, equipment layout, and employee comfort. 

Final Obstacles

Dr. Wood initially had the idea for the underwater theme which can be tricky.  It can quickly become dated by overdoing it.  Arminco’s design team was able to use color pallet of blues and neutral colors, as well as tactically placed design elements to achieve the underwater theme without overdoing it.  The vision Arminco’s designers was for the Dr. Wood’s clients, being a children’s dentistry practice, to let their imagination run wild.  To let the imagination of Dr. Wood’s customers take them to any depth of water in the world. 

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The Results

Permits were issued, it was time for Arminco’s construction team and project managers to take over and complete the project.  The project was estimated to take 65 business days from the construction start date.  The project ended up being fully completed and open in 52 business days, significantly ahead of schedule.