“We had five years left on our lease. We were paying far too much in rent. We were able to find a subtenant to take our lease. In parallel, we found a much better space to fit our needs and budget. The Genau Group was able to make both deals happen at the same time. Working with The Genau Group, we reduced our rent by more than 40% a month. Ultimately, we were much happier with our new space. We’re saving approximately $120,000 a year now.”


Managing Partner - Ermer Law Group

"The Genau Group worked with us for more than a year to help us find our first office space. The Genau Group negotiated with a high end building on L Street in the Central Business District that usually commands $45.00 per square foot. We’re only paying $20.00 per square foot and we even got the furniture and fixtures included. All said, we saved 56% on our first office lease. This allowed us to put our budget where we needed it most, developing our new business.”


Founder and CEO - Gryphn Corporation

“The Genau Group found us space in a high end building that usually trades for $42.00 per square foot. He was able to negotiate a two year deal for only $20.50 per square foot. We literally got a class “A” space for 50% off market.”


Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer - Distributed Sun Inc

"The Genau Group were a pleasure to work with. We received individualized attention from their team, a flexible schedule for site visits, timely responses, and meaningful advice. They really went to bat for us and fought for the best deal. We came away with a clear win. We’ll be looking forward to working with their team for many years to come!”


CEO - Two Marines Moving Inc

“The Genau Group helped us find just what we were looking for. We negotiated for several spaces before we finally arrived at the right deal. We were able to negotiate a full-service lease including furniture. I first worked with this group several years ago when negotiating our prior office lease and they are the only group I approached when I had a renewed search. They are extremely professional and at the top of their game in this industry. We are very happy with their work and would highly recommend them in the future”


Hagerty Consulting


The Genau Group helps our clients identify and secure the best “stage” on which they can showcase their team members and their business talents. We believe that having the right work environment is vital to achieving business objectives in the shortest possible timeframe. To this end, we consult our clients to gain a better understanding of their short-term and long-term business goals and objectives. We then find, negotiate, and secure the best office/retail solution within the given timeframe and the desired budget.

First and foremost, we provide our clients with a lease abstract. Then, on an annual basis, we can provide a comprehensive analysis of your landlord's costs (charges) including: your rental rates, real estate taxes, operational expenses, and other hidden costs. This exercise is commonly referred to as a "lease audit." This exercise helps to ensure that your lease has been administered correctly. Once completed, we closely monitor the lease and alert our clients to their critical dates, upcoming events, and any changes before they happen.

For many clients, the right solution is to renovate their office or to move to a new building alltogether. In these instances, inventing a new space from a blank drawing board can be an overwhelming challenge. Our project management expertise will guide our client throught the process. We help our clients with space programming, design and test fits, architect and general contractor selections, price negotiations, project timeline definition, permitting, and even move coordination.

Traditionally, only the very large "anchor" tenants have succeeded in negotiating concessions packages from Landlords. However, today's market is a "rentors market" or "tenant's market." As such, we always strive to negotiate a concessions package equal to a 5%-10% below market discount, paid for by the Landlord in the form of a concessions package. This effort is particularly successful with Landlord's who wish to maintain a "face rate" but also want to acquire new tenants and increase the building's occupancy.

The Washington DC Metropolitan Area is rich with submarkets. Many clients often entertain the idea of moving their office out of, or into, the city. In the event our client wishes to relocate to a new submarket, The Genau Group's residential real estate team is ready, willing, and able to help our client's employees with all their residential real estate needs.

The Genau Group brings decades of experience from leading investment institutions. Our team partners with top quality operators who have the operational and local market expertise relevant to each transaction. We rely on our extensive network of industry relationships, as well as our reputation in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Our investment team is led by Roy Hill. A 13-year veteran, Roy has negotiated over One Billion Dollars ($1,000,000,000.00) in investment. As a 4th generation Washingtonian (who still lives here), Roy’s competitive business acumen is influenced by his command of such core markets as Capitol Hill, Shaw and 14th Street. If you are interested in acquiring or liquidating an investment property, please reach out to us to discuss your requirements.

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